About the Angel Faces

Maddie (21) and Niki (22) are the Angels behind the business.  As determined dancers and future business owners, the girls are our inspiration, models, design consultants, product testers, demonstrators, and all-around raison d’etre. Their opinions count and they are involved in all aspects of the business. Both seniors in college, Nicole attends Barnard College of Columbia University and Maddie attends Arizona State University.  They also continue to dance -- Nicole is a dance and biology major; Maddie is a science major and in her first season as a Golden State Warriors dancer.  Their brothers, Max (19), McKay (18) and Mason (14), help behind the scenes and are their sisters' and Moms' biggest fans!

About Tricia Banks

When a dance number needs to be cleaned, Tricia is your go-to mom. She taught tap, ballet, and jazz at two dance studios in California for 10 years. It was the perfect job for someone who had taken dance lessons since the age of 5. After graduating from Fresno State University with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Education, she ventured to Arizona to be close to her sister (a former Phoenix Suns dancer gone prestigious attorney) and her brother-in-law (a local fire captain). When her first child turned out to be a daughter, Tricia and her sister (Tia) enrolled the child in dance, whether she wanted to go or not! Fortunately, she has LOVED it ever since. This dance background, along with the business background of her partner in crime, Jamie, was the perfect mix to launch a company that she loves and is very proud of. The mother of three, Tricia previously taught junior high school English for 16 years.

We even talked our friend Jo (Paige’s mom) into sewing a few samples for us, and the “Paige” line was launched. Since then, we’ve been busy adding styles and fabrics that you've asked for when you've been kind enough to call, email or stop by our booth and chat.

We continue to develop new patterns and styles for girls and teen dancers. We design everything we sell -- no knock-offs here. As we've grown and continued to expand our line, our commitment remains the same…if our girls won’t wear it or if we wouldn’t spend our hard-earned dollars on it, it won’t bear the Angel Face logo. Named for our daughters and their friends, our designs are exclusive to us and our fabric runs are purposefully limited. Just like your favorite boutique, we pick fabulous fabrics that provide a high-end touch. Our goal is to help your beautiful daughter stand out in a crowd! Our forward-thinking, high-quality products and designs perform well for even the most active dancer.

We're you. We love our kids, our kids love dance, and we love being a part of this great dance community.

Tricia & Jamie

Owners of Angel Face Designs

You know the saying “it’s about the shoes”? Well, that’s where our business got its start. In our case, it was all about the MISSING shoe. As the mothers of two girls who have been dancing since they could walk, we were frustrated by the lack of cute dance bags that were big enough AND had zippers. So, we took the girls to the local fabric store one Sunday afternoon and the Angel Face Bag was born. After the kindness of strangers (“where’d you get that CUTE bag?!”) convinced us that maybe there were other moms out there with the same frustration, we started Angel Face Designs™. It’s a similar story about our dance wear. Tired of trying to pick our girls out in the sea of blonde-haired cuties at any given dance convention, we got out our sketch books and next thing we knew, we had designed a line of dance wear. Never ones to pass up a shopportunity, we jumped on a plane, hit the LA market, and picked out the CUTEST fabrics we could find that would coordinate with what our girls already had in their drawer. 

About Jamie Rondeau

Formerly Vice President of US Operations for a U.K.-based strategy, marketing, and sales consulting firm, Jamie Rondeau is co-owner of Angel Face Designs. She enrolled her daughter in ballet at age 2 and it’s been all about the shoes ever since. Since Angel Face Designs was born in 2006, she's learned more than she ever thought possible about zippers and lycra and how important it is to not mix up "turquoise" with "aqua" when ordering. Jamie can occasionally be spotted with tears in her eyes when shopping in New York's fabric district. She spends most of her days (and nights) as a corporate consultant.  Married to Paul for nearly 30 years, they have 4 children. Jamie is a graduate of Arizona State University in Tempe.

About Angel Face Designs