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Boutique-style dance wear that helps Angel Faces stand out in the crowd 



O U R   S T O R E   I S  C L O S E D


Typing those 16 letters is really hard.  We’ve loved being part of helping you stand out in the crowd for the last 13 dance seasons! We’ve loved getting to know you and we’re grateful for the way many of you have invited us into your dance lives.  We’ve loved watching little dancers grow into graceful, beautiful adults making their way in the professional dance world.  We’ve loved watching how your commitment to friends and dance has resulted in strong, brave humans who own it on the dance floor, in the classroom as well as the workplace.  It’s been a blessing to be a small part of your dance world and we’ve been cheering for you since Day 1. 

We started Angel Face Designs as a way to help our own daughters (1) not lose anymore dance shoes, and (2) stand out in the crowd during conventions and auditions.  In the process, our little dream turned into an international business with over 30 retailers in the US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. 

Since 2006, we’ve learned so much about the business of designing and manufacturing dance wear, and we maintained a commitment from Day 1 to manufacture in the USA.  We’re proud of our commitment to manufacturing locally because it’s meant jobs for people in our community (especially during the recession of 2008-2011).  It also meant that we had flexibility to work with individuals and dance schools to create costumes and specialty pieces.  Our costs were significantly higher than if we manufactured overseas, but it was one more way to be sure we served our community.

In late 2017, we learned that our seamstress was preparing to retire and close her cutting and sewing operation. She gave us and her team adequate lead time and we started the process of investigating alternative cut and sew operations that would continue to give us the flexibility to manufacture in small lots and help us keep costs low so we wouldn’t have to raise our prices significantly. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a USA-based solution that checked all our boxes and could make that a reality. 

So, it’s now time to say our farewell to this chapter.  Thank you.

We love you, we love dance, and we’ve loved being part of this community for so many years.